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Welcome to First Church of Christ, Scientist
Hampton, Virginia, USA

2808 Kecoughtan Road, in the Old Wythe Neighborhood of Hampton

Many people don't realize that the healing messages in the Bible are applicable today through prayer that acknowledges the supremacy of God. Since Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of Christian Science about 150 years ago, there have been thousands of authenticated cases of healing using the truths taught in the Bible and explained in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Testimonies to many of these are are published in the Christian Science literature available in our Reading Rooms. We invite you to join us in exploring the healing power of the Bible truths unlocked by Science and Health and in expanding our thinking about God and man's relationship to Him.

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Come hear more about Christian Science Sunday, March 3, at 2:30 p.m. in the Hampton Public Library

This talk, "The healing power of stillness", will be given by international speaker Larissa Snorek-Yates of Carlisle, Massachusetts, on Sunday, March 5, at 2:30 p.m. in the Hampton Public Library. This is a joint lecture with Christian Science Society, Portsmouth, Virginia.

About our Church:

Join Us Sunday at 10:00 AM

Auditorium of Christian Science Church, Hampton, Virginia
Service in the church auditorium

As in all Christian Science churches and societies around the world, Sunday services include a scriptural selection and the week's Bible Lesson on a particular topic that Christian Scientists have studied throughout the week preceding the Sunday service. The lesson, available ahead of time in the Christian Science Quarterly, is a compilation of texts from the King James version of the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. The one-hour service is conducted by two Readers who are members of this church; in addition to hearing the readings, we sing hymns and enjoy a professional solo.

Join Us Wednesday at 7:30 PM

At these Wednesday meetings there is a time for sharing first-hand accounts of Christian healing and remarks on Christian Science. These are preceded by singing hymns and by topical readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, which are related to timely issues in the community and the world.

Not long ago, our members decided to move church services to a smaller room in the church, as shown in the pictures. We'd love to have you come and join us there.

Bring Your Children to Our Sunday School.

In our Sunday School which also meets at 10:00 AM, young students learn Bible truths, beginning with the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, and the Sermon on the Mount. Older students discuss ideas from the weekly Bible Lesson with others of their own age and with an experienced teacher. And, they learn how to use these ideas at school, in relationships, at work, anywhere. All children up to the age of twenty are welcome.

Child Care Services

During all church services we provide free care for infants and very young children in our Children's Room.

Sunday School of Christian Science Church, Hampton, VA
Our new Reading Room

Enjoy the Reading Room

The Reading Room is a place in the community where you can learn about Jesus' method of spiritual healing. Bibles, Bible commentaries, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and her other writings are available to be read or purchased. In addition, you'll find pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, and other church publications, including The Christian Science Monitor, an award-winning newspaper. And, you can use research materials there to explore the Bible.

Our Reading Room is located in the church building at 2808 Kecoughtan Rd., Hampton. (Use the door on the lower level next to the steps to the patio.) You are invited to visit there during its new hours:  Wednesdays from 6:30 until 7:15 p.m. and after the regular Sundays and Wednesday services.

Lectures on Christian Science

Each year, Christian Science churches sponsor talks, giving their communities the opportunity to learn more about the teachings of Christian Science and their application to daily life.

Our talk in 2017, "The healing power of stillness", was given by international speaker Larissa Snorek-Yates of Carlisle, Massachusetts, on Sunday, March 5, at 2:30 p.m. in the Hampton Public Library. This was a joint lecture with Christian Science Society, Portsmouth, Virginia. More information about that talk is on our lecture page.

In other years we have had inspiring lectures by Michelle Nanouche of Paris, France; Norm Bleichman of Newburyport, Massachusetts; Chet Manchester of Ballwin, Missouri; Elise Moore of Nashville, Tennessee and Tucson, Arizona; John Q. Adams of New York City; and Kari Mashos Cape Neddick, Maine, and Athens, Greece (see this page for information on all current Christian Science lecturers.) If you would like to receive a printed invitation to our lectures, please add your name and address to the visitors' book in the church foyer, or leave a message 757-826-6596.

Christian Science Sentinel Radio Programs

Listen to this program each Sunday morning at 8:05 a.m. on radio station WNIS, 790 AM. You'll hear how various people have relied on God for solving their health, personal, financial, job-related, and other problems - and found the help they needed. For information about the program or to order a cassette, call 1-800-955-9480.

More about Christian Science

Simply put, Christian Science is the science of Christ Jesus' teaching and healing -- the practical application of Christian ideas to daily life. It's both a religious teaching and a system of healing that is based on the Holy Bible's universal truths, as preached and demonstrated by Jesus Christ and his disciples. The Christian Science church is an established denomination, a deeply committed Christian church whose theology rests upon those inspired Biblical teachings. Mary Baker Eddy was the modern discoverer (in 1866) of this science behind Jesus' words and works; in Boston, Massachusetts in 1879, she "organize[d] a church designed to commemorate the words and works of our Master [Christ Jesus], which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing" (Manual of the Mother Church). She named it The First Church of Christ, Scientist, but its members commonly call it The Mother Church. The Mother Church has many branches worldwide, and First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hampton is one of those branches. Learn about Christian Science.

Christian Science Practitioners

These practitioners are dedicated individuals in many countries worldwide who are available to help anyone in need to find healing through prayer. They also will be glad to answer your questions about Christian Science. Contact one by telephone for immediate help or visit during office hours. You'll find a directory of practitioners on-line (scroll down to the blue box on the right, enter your Zip code and select "Practitioners and Teachers" in the appropriate boxes, then click on "Search"). Printed copies are in The Christian Science Journal, for sale in the Reading Room; older issues are available for free in the church foyer.

Christian Science Church in Hampton, Virginia
A view of the church

About First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hampton

A Christian Science Society was first organized in Hampton, Virginia, in 1906 and continued intermittently as a Society until 1919. A new Christian Science Society, Hampton, Virginia, was organized in 1924 and continued until 1940, when it was dissolved and its membership united with the Newport News church.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Newport News, Virginia, had been organized in 1918 as an outgrowth of a Christian Science Society organized in that city in 1917. The name of the church was officially changed in 1950 to First Church of Christ, Scientist, Newport News-Hampton, Hampton, Virginia, when a new edifice was erected in Hampton at 2808 Kecoughtan Road. In 1967, an informal group in Newport News applied for recognition as a Christian Science Society, and the name of this church was again officially changed, becoming First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hampton, Virginia.

We'd love to welcome you and your family at our services, Sunday school, Reading Room, and lectures, and to listen to the Sentinel radio programs.

Mailing Address:
First Church of Christ, Scientist
2808 Kecoughtan Road
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